Steinvikholm Castle

Address: 7510 Skatval Show map

Address: 7510 Skatval

On an islet outside Skatval, accessible on foot when the tide is low, lie the remains of a castle that once in Mediaeval Times brooded over Norway´s fate.
The Lord of the castle was Olav Engelbrektsson, the last Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Norway. In addition, he also led the Council of the Realm, and was an ardent opponent to the growing Danish supremacy.

Whatever he believed in, and lived for, was threatened by Danish bayonets. For Olav Engelbrektsson there was no other solution but armed resistance against the powers threatening the religious and political independence of the country. Therefore, in 1525 he started his gigantic project, the building of Steinvikholm Castle outside the Skatval peninsula in Trøndelag, not far from Trondheim.
The powerful equipment and the pompous Central Hall matched Olav Engelbrektsson´s ambitious plan: By help from the outside to find a throne pretender that could secure the future for the country and the Catholic Church.
In the spring of 1537 a Dutch warship sailed out the Trondheim fjord with Olav Engelbrektsson onboard. He left a force at the castle, led by the priests of Stjørdal. He himself sailed towards the warlords of Europe, in a last try to establish a liberation army.
Such was the end of the last germ of Norwegian fight for independence, before the Danes took over for good. The Archbishop never found the Alliance he sought. He died in Holland, the year after he left his castle in the Trondheim fjord. By then the castle had long ago been captured by Danish warriors. The new sovereign, Christian III, had solemnly proclaimed that Norway should remain a dependency under Denmark.

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