Experience the Arctic Circle Island - Vikingen

Date: Sunday 16 jun 2019 - Monday 5 Aug 2019

Join a refreshing evening excursion with a RIB boat out to the Arctic Circle island. Daily departures from Tonnes during the summer season, including the Arctic Circle Baptism ceremony, climbing on the Arctic Circle monument, and of course - lots of beautiful nature !

Meeting place: Tonnes Marina
Suitable for: Everyone
Duration: 1.5 hours
Booking: Online up until to 2 hours before departure. The tour can also be booked for other times - please contact (Tel: +47 951 22 438)

Sea rafting to the Arctic Circle island, 6-7 minutes

Arctic Circle Ceremony;
- Construction of stone beacon
- Sea spray
- Mini tour cup served with Neptune's Ice Blue drink
- Climbing on the Arctic Circle Monument
- Picture-taking at the Arctic Circle Monument

Good stories and beautiful views!
Sea rafting to Tonnes Marina, 6-7 minutes

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