Maritime walk

Date: Sunday 10 sep 2017 - Sunday 29 Oct 2017 Show map

Immerse yourself in Trondheim’s maritime history on an exciting guided city walk.

Trondheim was an important city for trade from the late 16th century. This trade initiated involved fish, then timber and from around 1650 also copper. Many new immigrants, impulses and goods reached Trondheim during this period. From the early 18th century, this trade was influenced by the mercantile patriciate in Kjøpmannsgata. The historic wharves that line the Nidelva river have played a central role in the city’s proud trading history.
An important milestone came in 1779 with the establishment of Trondheim’s first shipbuilding, which played a crucial role in the city’s development. 
The maritime and trading activities have left many traces on the cityscape, which we will take a closer look at during this maritime walk.
The guided walk starts at the Tourist Information Office and ends up at Trondheim Maritime Museum (entrance incl.). Duration: approx. 90 min.

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