Address: Sjøgangen 6, 7010 Trondheim Show map

Address: Sjøgangen 6, 7010 Trondheim

​Fjordbuda is Trondheim's largest souvenir shop and is centrally located on the top of the footbridge Sjøgangen. The shop offers a broad selection of souvenirs, knitted wear, handcrafted items and sports clothing from Norwegian brands.
Brands: Dale of Norway, MariusKids, Rokk, Blæst, Helly Hansen, Bergans of Norway, Ulvang, Devold, Kari Traa, Nord Suvenir, Way Nor, Flaarønning, Norway Geographical, Brusletto and Helle.

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    +47 46 83 48 66
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    May-Sep: Mon-Sun 8-20 Oct-Apr: Mon-Sun 9-17